Technology for Bone’s Health

medical imaging software

Customized design for orthopedics with a user-friendly interface. Fast medical image visualization, efficient labeling,

and rapid analysis of regions of interests(ROI).

bone's qct system

Efficient processing of bone tissue 3D ROI. Quantifies localized bone mineral density (BMD) of selected areas accurately with clinical report generation.


bone'S surgical planning system

Enhanced visualization of anatomy using 3D rendering of bone tissues.  Efficient surgical planning with danger zones clearly labeled.




  • Bone Quality Assessment: Bone’s quantitative assessment tools evaluates the bone quality with high precision non-invasively, allowing clinicians to screen for and prevent osteoporotic fractures.

  • Convenient and Cost-Effective: Our fully automatic solution generates a clinical report for orthopedic surgeons within 1 minute. 



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Room 104, Building 5, Qianhai Youth Dream Workshop, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Mainland China