Bone’s QCT System

  • Accurate prediction of spine and hip osteoporotic fracture risk

  • 3D visualization of spinal/hip bone mineral density spatial distribution facilitates a comprehensive diagnosis of osteoporosis

  • Localized information on bone mineral density accounts for intraspinal and intra-femoral variations

  • Quantitative measurement of bone mineral density provides a reliable biomarker for assessing osteoporotic fracture risk;

  • Displays 3D bone mineral density distribution with different colors and make it easier to determine the location of osteoporosis site;

  • Localized bone mineral density provides more detailed information about bone health and osteoporotic fracture prediction.




Rm237, Building 19W, Hong Kong Science Park, HKSAR

Room 104, Building 5, Qianhai Youth Dream Workshop, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Mainland China